Lee Zebold

Image is a smiling man with short hair, a red plaid shirt and a brown jacket.
Unity of Pasadena Board of Trustees

My Grandmother brought me to Unity Christ Church when I was 5 years old. I have been involved with Unity since then. We built a church on Washington Blvd. in the 1960s. My Dad was the general contractor. I became the Youth of Unity group leader for a couple of years. We had a very active youth group. I played the piano for the separate youth services on Sundays. In the early 2000s I built the church website and was the webmaster for Unity of Pasadena for several years.

  • Graduated with BS degree from Pepperdine College 1965 
  • Served the US Navy during Viet Nam – Lieutenant 1965-1969 
  • Started a Medical Electronics Corporation with 3 other men. Sold medical electronics to hospitals and doctors 1971-1984 
  • Created marketing for several Medical Clinics while serving as Business Manager and Administrator 1984-1998 
  • Business Manager of 3 Medical Clinics – Pasadena, Encino, Orange 1984-1998 
  • Became Insurance/Heath licensed Agent – CA.  Sold various forms of insurance and annuities 2001-2012 
  • Licensed Substitute Teacher for Baldwin Park Unified School District 2001
  • Became qualified and commissioned Notary Public Signing Agent 2019
  • Retired from Public School teaching in January, 2022