Rev. Karen Epps

Rev. Karen Epps (aka Rev. K) is an ordained Unity Minister who is passionate about Unity teachings. She discovered Unity in January 2000 and immediately knew she had found her spiritual home. Rev. Karen made the “deep dive” into Unity teachings and within three years had answered YES to the call of ministry. She was ordained in 2005. In addition to Unity, Rev. Karen embraces the wisdom of 12-Step, Integral Theory, the Evolution of Consciousness, and Progressive Spirituality.

Rev. Karen has a daily meditation practice, which deepens her relationship with the Beloved. She is heart centered and enjoys fostering an environment that encourages people to delve into their innate wisdom. Rev. Karen is dedicated to being of service and creating a ministry where individuals can experience awakening. She loves exploring contemporary spiritual symbols, rituals and teachings across the traditions that provide meaning and purpose for a spiritually awake world, and being a part of global spiritual awakening.

Her background includes visioning, spiritual leadership, and retreat ministry. She also holds a Masters Degree in Integral Theory. Rev. K is a powerful speaker and compassionate, purposeful leader.

Her motto is: Who you are and what you do matters. So do it consciously!