Our Ministry Team

Rev. Greg Dorst 




Rev. Greg Dorst J.D., CADC II, brings a wealth of personal, philosophical, legal and business experienceto every congregant he serves. Rev. Greg attended Claremont McKenna College and the University of La Verne College of Law. In 1998, Rev. Greg gave up the practice of law and turned his attention toward non-profit work. Between 2004 and 2011, while working within the business community as a non-profit CEO, Greg obtained his Practitioner and Ministerial Licenses, gaining both a working knowledge and a mystical perspective of the world’s religions. Now, as a corporate healthcare consultant and an Ordained Minister, Rev. Greg brings through his speaking, teaching and his writing, transformational spiritual knowledge and experience to those in need.



Rev. Suzanne Leonard

Suzanne walked into her first Unity service on Father's Day 1982. Finding the people and spiritual path she had always longed for. Suzanne began studying Unity principles. In 1990 she became a Unity Licensed teacher and served the West Central region of Unity churches.

In 1999 Suzanne became a Unity minister.


Recently retired from ministry, Suzanne teaches for the Yucaipa schools. She loves teaching English, eating vegetables, walking, writing, gardening, big dogs, movies, and her Toastmaster meetings!