Crystals: A Crash Course

Image is a headshot of Johnny Sage, smiling, wearing a green shirt, brown hat, and a sun pendant.Johnny Sage

Saturday, June 10th, 2023
10:00 am to Noon
Registration $25.00

Curious to find out why so many people are being drawn to crystals?
Interested in learning more about them?

This is a great class for those wanting a better understanding of the various capabilities crystals have. 

Learn about

  • the benefits and healing properties of crystals
  • how to clear and charge your crystals
  • uses for crystals in your home and office
  • match the crystals to your chakras for cleansing and balancing

This class includes

  • hands-on practice with crystals
  • demonstrations
  • a meditation

About the Presenter

Johnny Sage is a Reiki Master (certified in Oncology, Kundalini, Angel Fire, and Holy Fire® III Usui and Karuna), Kambo Practitioner, Advanced (Sacred Geometry) Crystal Healer, Yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, and Nidra) Instructor, Yuen Method Guide, Sound Facilitator, Breathwork Trainer, FaraTherapist, and spiritual coach.

Various crystals, jewelry and chakra sets will be available for purchase on site after the workshop from Lighthouse Crystals.


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