Rev. Marilyn Roth Legacy Meditations

Image is an abstract watercolor with pink, purple and blue.

Image is a headshot of Rev. Marilyn RothMarilyn Roth became the minister of Unity of Pasadena in 1988. In addition to weekly truth talks, Marilyn led meditations that she wrote. The sacred space created through her words and voice touched our hearts and connected our church community.

Her 24-year ministry inspired many, and we are grateful that her truth talks were recorded. From those talks, eleven meditations have been lovingly transcribed by Michelle Gillette & Cynthia Joseph with art by Angela Carole Brown.

The artistic, transcription e-book is accompanied with original audio recordings and available to order.

We invite you to listen to the voice and words of Rev. Marilyn’s first meditation, Ask Breathe for free.  Please click the link below to listen.

book cover photoAll eleven meditations are available. To order below and receive the link is $25.

Additional donations can be made to support Marilyn Roth's legacy through future projects. The Marilyn Roth Legacy Fund will be used to expand the spiritual awareness and Unity consciousness of our congregation and church facilities. We are looking forward to projects like the Wings of Sound audio booth, which will provide Unity of Pasadena ministers quality virtual services, accessible around the globe. Marilyn always looked to the future. Let us join together as Marilyn’s words guide us towards personal and collective growth.

As Marilyn frequently said in her meditations:

And, now we’ll reach out

with generous arms of thought to enfold this planet.

The presence and power of God is active

in the minds and hearts of all people,

inspiring understanding

and creating peace on earth.

I am grateful.

Included Transcribed Meditations

*with original audio recordings


  • Ask Breathe
  • Guided Expression
  • Life Itself
  • God's Presence
  • Deeper Peace
  • Pure Substance
  • Breathing in Light
  • Expand Beyond
  • Accept Now
  • Still in Wholeness
  • Beloved by God