Unity of Pasadena Today

Unity of Pasadena has evolved into a dynamic spiritual center guided by its vision and mission. It is a sacred space where individuals come and are part of a community of practice: a place to deepen your walk in the Divine.

The sanctuary looks onto an atrium of lush foliage, which is enclosed by a wall with custom designed stained glass panels. Simply entering the room brings peace and serenity. There is a spirit, which prevails here and thrives amidst the beauty that we lovingly nurture.

People come to Unity of Pasadena for many reasons. Some wish to enjoy the weekly meditation service or attend one of the many classes/workshops we offer. Our Sunday Celebration Services combine meditation, music, and inspirational messages to stimulate your mind and touch your heart.

At Unity of Pasadena, we acknowledge sacred service as an essential aspect of spiritual practice. Serving in your spiritual community has many rewards and will open unlimited possibilities in the lives of those who serve as well as those who benefit from the service. We are all One and in serving each other, we serve ourselves.

You are truly welcome at Unity of Pasadena, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Our unique vision guides us to continue to create a setting where souls may quench their thirst, where you will feel supported in your quest for the highest consciousness and deepest inner awareness.

Unity is a place of co-creation with each other, and with God. Please join us and you may discover, as many have, that you have come home.

Our Church History

Unity of Pasadena, once known as Unity Society of Pasadena, was incorporated in 1939. Its founders Lily & William Stack and Gertrude Hall met in private homes in the local area. They eventually purchased a building on Euclid Avenue and continued to meet there until that property was sold to purchase a new lot on East Washington Blvd.

In 1963 construction of the new church began with many contributing their time and talent to the project. Rev. Max R Flickinger who served from 1949 until 1966, officiated the Consecration Service in February 1964.

Subsequent to Rev. Flickinger’s departure, three ministers fulfilled the role of pastor until Rev. Ernest Mileur joined the church in 1978. During his tenure, Unity Society of Pasadena changed its name to Unity Church of Pasadena; the city exercised right of eminent domain of the Washington Blvd location and in turn gives the property on Del Mar Blvd and some money toward a new facility.

In 1988, Rev. Marilyn Roth was called to serve (along with her husband Charles Roth until his transition in 1994) and became minister who was beloved by many. Rev. Marilyn brought warmth, sensitivity, humor and a keen intellect to her sermons and classes. She retired in 2012. Marilyn was known for her powerful meditations, eleven of which are available as audio recordings and an artistic e-book, Rev. Marilyn Roth Legacy Meditations.

Between 2012 and 2015; Revs Meghan Smith & Denese Shellink ushered Unity of Pasadena into readiness for a new era.

Rev. Karen Epps was Minister from October 2015 through September, 2020. She brought a passion for deep spiritual inquiry, community, fun, facility upgrading and a vision to see Unity of Pasadena prosper even through financial challenges. Under her leadership, the church also met the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by initiating the livestream of the Sunday services with herself and a staff member on YouTube and Facebook.

Upon Rev. Karen's retirement, the Board of Trustees took on the primary role of church administration. Unity of Pasadena was served remotely by Unity Transition Minister Rev. David Mosher until the end of April, 2021, and the remote Sunday service team grew to six people. Rev. Mosher led us through the transition process according to Unity Worldwide Ministry protocols. He shared speaking duties with guest speaker Rev. Suzanne Leonard.

Rev. Greg Dorst joined us for the first time on Easter Sunday, 2020, when we had our "soft" reopening with reservations and six feet between attendees. Rev. Greg's warm and dynamic style, passionate sermons, and ability to connect with others appealed to the congregation and he became permanent guest speaker in July, 2021. By February, 2022, he signed on as part-time Minister while working towards his Unity ordination. He completed the ordination program through Unity Worldwide Ministries in March, 2023, and was officially ordained in June of the same year. To learn more about Rev. Greg, see his Message from the Minister.

Members of the 2022 Board of Trustees gather around Rev Greg for the signing of his contract as Senior Minister.
Members of the 2022 Board of Trustees gather around Rev Greg for the signing of his contract as Senior Minister.