William Marino

Image is a smiling man with short hair and glasses, wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie.
Vice President
Unity of Pasadena Board of Trustees

Ram Das said “we are here to help each other on our way home.” I believe “on our way home” is the ever growing awareness of God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence.

Here at Unity of Pasadena I have found just that, a community of open minded, joyful, generous people who love to learn, grow and connect with God through Sunday Service, prayer, weekly classes and workshops, music, song and sharing their light, love and abundance with others. I mean this, from Our Minister Greg Dorst, the Board of Trustees, the Prayer Chaplains, the admin staff, the musicians and singers, the volunteers and congregants.

I am honored to be a board member and share my experience of over 40 years of service on five non profit organizations, including 25 years at Unity churches. My service at Unity started with putting the hymnals in order at the end of each service, evolving into: Sunday School teacher, platform assistant, all Board of Trustee positions (attending Unity’s South West Reginal Annual Meetings regularly) and board liaison of Music Ministry, Facilities, Property Leases, Tenant Improvement & Insurance, 14 Annual Gala events and Bequest Program. My first business was 30+ years of Contract Services for several local cities and the Metro Gold line.